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شروحات مولانا شمشاد احمد صاحب ناظم تعلیمات جامعہ خیرالمدارس ملتان

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Our graceful, respected, and honourable teacher Maulana Shamshad Ahmad is a famous personality and extremely popular among his students. He knows how to satisfy students and how to deliver a memorable lecture, and I think this kind of attribute, feature, and quality can’t be seen in every person related to the teaching department.

He has written many guides of the books included in the course of Dars-E-Nizami, such as Tafseer Baizavi, Sharah Jami, Kafia and some more. We are glad to let you know that we’re planning to upload them on our website, so that way the people who’re not able to come here, can read and understand his books. Thank you!

شروحات مولانا شمشاد احمد صاحب 

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