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A question About Umra Package

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Graceful Hazrat Mufti Sahib,
Assalam O Alaikum!
It’s requested that we have introduced an Umra Package we want guidance about, wich contains the including detail:
1. The price of the Umra Package Rs 1,24000 has been fixed.

2. It’s necessary to provide two-way stamp paper, Declaration, NIC card, Guarantor, and a copy of passport.

3. The amount of money will be fixed, which would be received by easy installments.

4. There will be no fines if the payment is delayed.

5. There would be a draw every month, the lucky person, whose name will be expressed, would be sent on Umra, but his remaining installments won’t be forgiven, he must pay the installments when he is back.

6. After coming back from the Umra, the company will present the people some items as gifts including a cap, tasbeeh, perfume, prayer rug and olive oil. the cost of those items would be about Rs 5000.

7. If someone wants to leave the package after joining, his amount will be refunded. The way would be that if he needs his amount refunded by the first month, the money would be refunded immediately. But in case of leaving during the process, the company will not be bounded to pay at once, but it will be paid by installments according to the package.
8. The company will pay commission who introduces the package, the commission will be designated, not unknown, and the person who has gotten the Umra package, is also able to get a commission by introducing.
9. But the company will differentiate that the person who has gotten the Umra package will be paid more than the person who haven’t.

The answer is being updated and will be published soon.